Boys & Girls Club of Dawson County

        Welcome to the Boys & Girls Club of Dawson County


                MARCH 11-13, 2016


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Located At:                111 W. Bell Street

Phone:                        (406) 377-7999

FAX:                            (406) 377-7888

E-Mail:                    ED/CPO

                               Program Director

Mailing Address:    PO Box 875

                                  Glendive, MT 59330


                  Meet The Staff:

Executive Director:         Tina Carter

Program Director:           Brittanni Sgroi

Assistant P. D.:               Ariana Roe

 Program Instructors:      Ashley Mower

                                       Brendan James

                                       Mason Hutchinson

                                       Hayden Harper


                    Board of Directors 

     President:                 Amy Casini

     Vice President:         Don Higbee


     Other Members:        

                                      Jesse Powell

                                      Mary Powell



It's  more than a donation; it's an investment in the future of our kids. 


                 Hours of Operation                       Membership Fees:

               M-F 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm           $100 per month per member

The Boys & Girls Club of Dawson County is closed when school is closed. But we are open and pick the kids up on early out days.


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