Programs at the Boys & Girls Club of
Dawson County fall under 5 categories:

Character & Leadership Development
Education Development
Health & Life Skills
Sports, Fitness, & Recreation

The Arts

SMART Moves: (Skills Mastery and Resistance Training) is a nationally acclaimed prevention program originally developed in the 1980's that is geared to help members of different ages make good choices and resist peer pressure regarding drugs, smoking, alcohol and premature sexual activity. Rather than just teaching members to just say no, SMART Moves emphasizes role playing to practice resistance and refusal skills. Members are informed of the hazards of drugs, smoking, alcohol and more so that they know the risks of these possible choices. 

Triple Play: Triple Play is BGCA's comprehensive health and wellness initiative, and has been in implementation since 2005, reaching more than 1 million Club members. Triple Play strives to improve Club members mind, body and soul by increasing their physical activity, teaching good nutrition and helping develop healthy relationships.

My.Future (previously Club Tech): Technology is constantly changing, and our youth depend on it. BGCA is transforming the way we use technology in our Club, our goal is to provide fun and engaging project-based teaching experiences that will provide members with the ability to understand their media world, identify and develop digital interests and earn certificates as they make progress!